Tuesday, May 25, 2004

GMAT Review Course

I enrolled in the Manhattan GMAT program...and it is tough - but effective I feel like I am learning something new EVERYDAY..Still loyal to Yale - also considering NYU and Cornell decisions, decisions....

Sunday, May 23, 2004


Why do people seem to have it out for Yale. You can be at a dinner party and the questions will always come ..So where are YOU looking??..."Yale"...Their eyes roll - and they always have something to say...I say Cornell..Nothing...NYU...Nothing...But mention Yale and EVERYONE has an opinion..."Well I heard that the facilities are weak"..."I heard that it is very unsafe"...How about this - I won't give my opinion about your school - and you just respect mine"...nothing like dinner parties with the husband..next time I will say that I am taking a course online..

The GMAT if it won't kill you...it must make you stronger...right??

Ok...singed up for a VERY expensive GMAT course...had my first class the teacher is Russian and she is AWESOME...for those of us that need some focus - this is the way to go. I graduated with a liberal arts degree and the plight on memorizing perfect squares, and powers..is at best...very funny...but I learned them and on to Data Sufficiency!!